Cape Honeysuckle

Tecomaria Capensis

Cape Honeysuckle is a fast growing vine like evergreen. This shrub loves full sun and is drought tolerant. Once established Cape Honeysuckle¬†doesn’t require regular watering, only a deep soak once every couple of weeks in the summer.

Regular trimming is required to keep this plant from overgrowing and becoming woody.

The Cape Honeysuckle has shiny deep green leaves and has long tube like orange flowers most of the year. It grows 6 to 8 feet high and can be trimmed as a shrub or a vine.

This shrub may freeze back a little in colder winters but will recover quickly in the spring. This shrub attracts hummingbirds and is hardy to 26 degrees F.

This description is based on our observations and research of this plant growing in our hot Arizona climate. We would love hearing from anyone who has any additional experience with this plant in Arizona.