Easter Egg Emu

Eremophila Racemosa

The Easter Egg Emu is a fast growing evergreen shrub. This plant loves full sun and is very drought resistant.

There is very little to no maintenance on this shrub. It is sun hardy and cold hardy making it one the best shrubs you can have in your yard.

The Easter Egg Emu has lime green soft leaves that are green all year. Its flowers are very unique because the buds are orange, turning into yellow-orange flowers that mature into purple-pink flowers giving the plant that Easter egg look. It blooms in late winter through spring.

The Easter Egg Emu will grow 3 to 5 feet high and wide and will require very little water once established.

This description is based on our observations and research of this plant growing in our hot Arizona climate. We would love hearing from anyone who has any additional experience with this plant in Arizona.