Ambrosia Deltoidea

Bursage is so prominent in the Sonoran Desert that it’s hard to imagine any natural areas in Arizona without it! This plant plays an important role in the desert community by protecting the delicate seedlings of other native plants from the heat, sun, and foraging animals. On developed land, however, this unsung hero serves to connect our more manicured gardens to the natural terrain surrounding them, and also to vegetate natural areas or rocky slopes where no irrigation is available. Because of its low maintenance requirements, compact size and drought tolerance, Bursage is ideal for mingling with cacti and other low-water plants to soften the landscape and reduce reflected heat from gravel or hard ground.

Light Needs: Full sun.

Watering Needs: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average Landscape Size: Medium growing shrub with a height of 3 to 4ft. and a spread of 2 to 3ft.

Key Features: Mounding Shrub.

Blooms: Blooms winter through spring.

Poisonous: No.

Bursage Ambrosia Deltoidea desert horizon nursery