Chinese Elm

Ulmus Parvifolia

The Chinese elm is an extremely fast growing shade tree, a great alternative to the Chilean mesquite, but requiring much less maintenance and cleanup. Glossy green foliage creates a lovely dense shade, perfect for a large yard or play area. It will even tolerate being planted in a lawn setting, as long as it is given regular deep soaks. It has an attractive, weeping, umbrella-like canopy that can stretch to thirty feet wide or more. Mottled, peeling grey and orange bark is unusual and decorative. Inconspicuous yellow flowers develop into small, papery seeds in the fall. As temperatures get cooler, foliage turns a bright autumn yellow, then falls off, leaving Chinese elm bare for a mere two to three months. It seems as though as soon as it drops its fall foliage, it’s already leafing out again in the spring!

Light Needs: Full sun.

Watering Needs: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average Landscape Size: Rapid growing tree with a height and Spread of 30 to 50ft.

Key Features: Umbrella shape for perfect shade.

Blooms: N/A

Poisonous: No.

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