Blue Passion Flower Vine

Passiflora Alatocaerulea

The stunning and complex blooms of the blue passion flower look like something from another planet, but this butterfly favorite comes to us from South America. Its unique flowers can be up to 4 inches in diameter with white outer petals and an inner layer of filaments that are ringed in blue, white, and dark purple towards the center. Monsoon rains spur the biggest flush of blooms in late summer and early fall, and many of them give off a light perfume as they open. Blue passion flower is one of the hardiest passion flower varieties you can buy. Winter temperatures may cause some of the shiny, dark green foliage to die back, but its roots are hardy to 5o F and it can grow 10-15 feet in a single season.

Light Needs: Full sun to partial shade.

Watering Needs: Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Average Landscape Size: Fast-growing vine; reaches 10 to 15 ft. tall in one season.

Key Features: Showy flowering vine.

Blooms: Flowers summer to early fall.

Poisonous: No.

Blue Passion Vine Passiflora Alatocaerulea desert horizon nursery