Surinam Cherry

Eugenia uniflora L.

Also called pitanga. An evergreen shrub 10′ in height. In spring and again in fall the Surinam cherry bears small, round fruits with eight prominent ribs. These are usually red, but are best enjoyed fresh almost black. Calling the taste amazing does the fruit justice. They are juicy and aromatic. Use them for making an excellent jelly also. Grows in zones 9 and 10. Withstands temperatures in the low 20’s. Self fruitful. An easy care greenhouse plant and because it’s tropical it stays evergreen year round. These are seed grown. This is an easy plant to grow. Plant in good soil. Allow a space 10 to 12′ in diameter for each shrub. If planted in a hedge, they produce flowers. Surinam cherry is not a very demanding plant, but like most fruits does its best when cared for. See that it receives ample moisture when blossoming and fruiting. Fertilize it twice a year as it starts to set fruit. Apply 1 cup of balanced plant food each time. Prune as little as possible if you don’t want to reduce the fruit crop temporarily.

Light Needs: Moderate sun.

Watering Needs: Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Average Landscape Size: Grows 15-20 ft. in height and width.

Harvest: Spring. 

Fruit: Cherries. 

Poisonous: No.

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