White Common Oleander

Nerium Oleander

If you want an evergreen shrub with colorful flowers, but like to save water, then Oleander is the perfect plant for you! Once established, they are among the most drought tolerant flowering shrubs on the market, and with so many different colors and forms available, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your garden. Evergreen and extremely fast-growing, Oleander makes an excellent screen, unclipped hedge, or space definer. Bearing white flowers from spring through fall. This cultivar is perfect for growing in the ground, near patios or entryways, and in reflected heat.

Light Needs: Full sun.

Watering Needs: Best with regular watering – especially in extreme heat. Requires less water once established.

Average Landscape Size: Grows 10 to 12ft. high and 6 to 7ft. wide.

Key Features: White flowers.

Blooms: Blooms year round.

Poisonous: Poisonous to dogs and cats if ingested.

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